Ewa Care

Ewa Care is a platform that connects seniors, relatives and home care

Ewa Care, a unique Home Care Monitoring Solution for Seniors, Relatives and Caregivers

The Ewa Care platform uses non-intrusive sensor-based technology that provides real-time information and insights to offer safety and peace of mind to seniors, relatives and caregivers. 

The Ewa Care platform is bringing the benefits of IoT into the homes of seniors. We offer a flexible and affordable blend of in-home and remote care options to proactively help seniors who want to age in their homes. The solution consists of connected, discrete, non-camera-based sensors placed strategically in the home to provide 24/7 monitoring of seniors. The powerful data analytics will identify unusual patterns of activity enabling a personalized blueprint of behavior. If the senior suddenly stops getting up in the morning or stops watching TV as normal, these can be early indicators that something may be wrong.

With Ewa NotificationPlus

If sleep or eating patterns start changing or if daily routines like making coffee or tea in the morning is interrupted for some reason, Ewa Care will notify relatives, or care personnel. This is also the case if a room suddenly gets too warm or cold. The Home Care team is able to see behavioral changes via an intuitive online dashboard, and can proactively intervene.

With Voice control

Our sensors are also integrated with the DialoQ solution, which enable users to control home sensors with their voice. 

Ewa is flexible and will be configured to the seniors specific needs. At Ewa Care our mission is that all people can age with joy and dignity. 

If you want to know more please contact us at info@ewacare.se